Let’s make how we fund development in Chicago
work for everyone

Equity should be at the center of how development is supported across the city. Every neighborhood in Chicago should provide residents with the opportunity to thrive. And financial incentives should be used to ensure that all communities have good jobs, access to transit, parks and open space, affordable housing, retail, and entertainment.

This interactive website provides information on where and how financial incentives have been used over the past 10 years and advocates for changes to root programs and processes in equity. Learn more about financial incentives, explore our map to see where funding has gone, and let us know what you think of the recommendations to increase equitable development in Chicago.

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Learn about Chicago’s financial incentive programs

Financial incentives are monetary benefits typically used to fund development that otherwise would not occur. An economic development incentive is cash or near-cash assistance given on a selective basis to attract, expand, or retain business operations. They can also be used to provide other types of services. An incentive should be used to encourage an action that would not have happened on its own, without support. Each incentive program has its own authorizing agency and reporting requirements. Learn more about each of the individual financial incentive programs below.